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Equipment Purchases
What if I purchase my equipment elsewhere (Amazon, eBay, etc.)?

If equipment is purchased elsewhere, in order for Bizfon to provide any assistance or help with said equipment customer must pay a $300 Re-provisioning fee to Bizfon. After that, customer can purchase Helpdesk on that equipment for $229, or pay a 1 time Help Desk of $95 for each service call going forward. This does not apply to anything purchased through Bizfon's Shopify store.

Does Bizfon sell parts?

No.  Bizfon does not offer parts for their phones.  This includes but is not limited to power supplies, handsets, covers for the 680.

Bizfon does offer new inserts for the Biztouch 3 to monitor the lines, as well as wall mounts for the 680 unit.

Storm or power related issues
We had a storm last night and my Bifzon 680 system will not power up. What should I do?

When a system is damaged by a storm, power outage, or power surge the only option is replacement of the telephone system. When a new system is purchased, Bizfon will provide documentation to the client for insurance reimbursement purposes.

How can I protect my Bizfon 680 system again storm, power outage, and power surge damage?

We urge all of our clients to purchase a UPS with all Bizfon 680 and Bizworx systems. A UPS can be purchased from Bizfon specifically chosen to protect the Bizfon telephone systems.

Who is Bizfon, Inc?

Bizfon, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of full featured, affordable phone systems for the SOHO (small office/home office) market. Bizfon, Inc. was founded in 1996. The assets of Bizfon, Inc. were purchased by A-1 Fone, Inc. a private, closely held corporation.

What is a Bizfon?

A complete "Plug-and-Play" phone system that includes Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Music on Hold, and much more for small businesses.

Why should I buy a Bizfon?

You can't afford not to buy a Bizfon system. The phone system is the front line of your business. The features in the Bizfon are designed to both increase your responsiveness to your customers and support smooth internal communications. The Bizfon offers a price/performance breakthrough that is for small companies with big ideas.

What are some of the unique features of the Bizfon?

  • Auto Attendant - Day and night greetings can be customized for your business
  • Built-in voice mail - All extensions come with private voice mail boxes
  • Call forwarding - Calls can be forwarded to your home phone or cell phone while still being connected to the Bizfon system, i.e. transfer the forwarded call to another extension within the system or send it to voice mail
  • Informational mailboxes/messages - Cuts down on the time your employees spend answering repetitive/general questions. Record messages such as hours of operations and directions
  • Virtually non-blocking voice mail - The Bizfon can handle all lines and extensions accessing the voice mail system at one time
  • Pager notification - The Bizfon can send you a numeric page when you get a new message in your voice mail
  • Meeting room - Automatically links up to five callers, in or out of the office, when they each dial the reserved meeting room extension number
  • Fax detection - The Bizfon will automatically decipher a fax call from a phone call and route it properly
  • Caller ID - If your phone line is Caller ID capable, the Caller ID data will be displayed after the first ring
  • Set-up prompts - The Bizfon voice prompts walks you through every aspect of the system set-up
  • Customer Service - Still need help? Pick-up any extension, dial 299 and speak with a Bizfon Customer Service Specialist

Where can I see, touch, and listen to the Bizfon system?

The Bizfon is sold direct through the web site, through our telephone sales division and through our dealer network. Please call (603) 870-4400 to place an order or find a local Bizfon dealer in your area. Our web site www.bizfon.com provides pictures and complete descriptions of the products and features. We can also send you promotional literature for your review. You may listen to a Bizfon by calling our demo line 877-603-4142.

What are Bizfon

The Bizfon sales department is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm EST. Please call (603) 870-4400.

What is the price?

Pricing is displayed within the shopping cart on the Bizfon Buy Now Tab on our web site www.bizfon.com. You can also contact our sales department, (603) 870-4400.

What is included in the price?

Built-in voice mail, remote Bizfon office support, customizable auto attendant, call distribution, music on hold capabilities, conferencing, follow-me forwarding, 30days of free Customer Care Center support, one year return to factory - parts and labor. Dollar for dollar, no system comes close!

The System
How many extensions/lines are in the Bizfon?

Each Bizfon unit supports 6 phone lines and 8 extensions. The system is expandable to 24 lines and 32 extensions. 15 remote/virtual extensions are also available with the addition of a Voice Vault card.

Do phones come with the system?

The Bizfon 680 does not include phones. Phones must be purchased separately.

Can you have direct inward dials with the Bizfon system?

The Bizfon works with a central phone number(s) coming into the system. Each employee is assigned an extension number, allowing for easy access to employees and eliminates confusion over multiple telephone numbers. It is possible to have a direct line (please ask our sales department about a hot ring, (603) 870-4400 however, a hot ring will require a dedicated phone line.

Is music on hold built into the system? How do I get messages on hold?

The Bizfon is equipped with an audio-in jack for music on hold from a CD player or other sound source. You simply plug the device into the jack and the music on hold feature is activated. Bizfon can also arrange to professionally record your on hold promotions. Our sales department can provide you with further information, (603) 870-4400.

Do I need to subscribe to Caller ID?

The Bizfon, BizTouch2 and BizTouch3 are all caller ID capable. You must however you must subscribe to caller ID for your phone lines through your local phone service provider company to access this feature. After the telephone company turns on your Caller ID feature a BizCare customer service represenitve must be contacted to setup your 680 system.

When all my incoming lines are busy, will a caller go directly to voice mail?

If all of the incoming lines for your Bizfon system are being used then the caller will receive a busy signal. If you find you need to add another line to your system you simply need to arrange for a new line with the phone company and then plug it in to the next open blue port to add the new line to your system (based on the availability of the lines/extensions in your system).

When I am using my extension and another call comes in for me will the caller go directly to voice mail?

Each extension can have 2 callers accessing it at any time (the call waiting feature is built into the system) a third caller will automatically go to voice mail. If you are on your extension you will be alerted (call waiting feature) that another caller is trying to get in touch with you. If you do not take the call they will go into your voice mail. However, if you are using a BizTouch3 phone you can access many more calls.

What kind of electrical outlets are needed for the system?

The Bizfon uses a standard 110 outlet (within the U.S.).

Do I need a special outlet for the system?

No, but we do suggest that you use a Bizfon UPS battery back up to safeguard your Bizfon 680 system form voltage spike and surges as well as keep your system up and running during short term power outages.. It is also important to note that in case of an extended power outage/failure, an extra jack is provided on the Bizfon 680 system that bypasses electrical circuitry providing you emergency access to your (LINE1) main phone line during a power outage.

What is the size of the unit?

Extremely compact at 8.5" x 17.5" and less than 4 pounds.

How do I learn how to use the Bizfon system?

Every Bizfon is sold with 30 Days of free Customer Help Desk Care support. We offer extended Help Desk Care support contracts for customers that want to call us any time at no additional charge. This includes a Bizfon Orientation session where you have direct access to configuration assistance and suggestions to help you realize the full potential of your system. Just pick up your Bizfon and dial ext. 299 to start your orientation session.

How do you expand the Bizfon system? What costs are involved?

The Bizfon system is expandable up 12 lines and 16 extensions. System expansion involves "stacking" the Bizfon units together with a proprietary network cable system that allows the 2 units to act as one system.

How do I change extension settings?

The Bizfon allows you to change your extension settings yourself without having to call out a service technician! Simply start the settings menu, choose your own extension, then follow the voice prompted setup instructions.

What types of phones can I use with the Bizfon?

The Bizfon works with all BizTouch (BT2 & BT3) feature phones, as well as with conventional analog telephones (home, cordless, and cell phones, as well as high range 2.4 GHz cordless) instead of proprietary digital phones, savings hundreds of dollars every time you add a new phone.

What are the differences between the BizTouch2 and BizTouch3?

The BizTouch3 is a feature-enhanced phone when compared to the BizTouch2. BizTouch3 unique features over the BizTouch2 include: Visual line and extension display shows you which lines and phone extensions are is in use or available, 1 touch access to call forwarding, headset read jack connection built into the BT3 phone, self answering for inter-office calls, 20 person last number dialed, 20 number caller ID log. The BizTouch2 is a "blind" phone (no lights indicating line or extension use), an excellent easy to use basic telephone for a company that has the auto attendant answering setup and directing phone calls.

What is the difference between Line Appearance and Call Appearance mode on the BizTouch3 phone?

Both Modes provide DSS (direct station select) keys so you can see the status of other extensions and be able to dial them with one touch access. Line Appearance Mode is good for businesses that operate by employees picking up calls off of certain lines, i.e. "Bob ? there is a call for you on line 3" (multi-tenant or retail business communications). Line Mode gives you direct access to each line independently and immediately. The BizTouch3 Line Appearance gives you the flexibility to control lines based on your business needs. Call Appearance Mode is good for a single office or high call volume business. The BizTouch3 Call Appearance allows an individual to juggle multiple calls, and see the status of other employees' extensions before transferring calls.

Do I need BizTouch3?

If you need to see what lines telephone calls are coming in on or who is on their extension then you need a BizTouch3.

How do I order the Bizfon?

You may place an order through the Bizfon website www.bizfon.com or by calling our sales department at (603) 870-4400. You may also order from your local authorized Bizfon dealer. Please call us to find an authorized dealer in your area.

After I order how long does it take to get the system?

Orders are shipped via UPS ground (unless otherwise requested) and should arrive one day to within one week of the order being placed depending on your location

Placing an Order
What methods of payment do you accept?

MasterCard, VISA, American Express

Warranty and Returns
What is the warranty (on service and parts)?

Every Bizfon 680 sold direct is covered with these services: 30 days of free Customer Care Center support, One year return to factory - parts and labor. You can also purchase an extended warranty for $479 per year up to year 5 (see 5 year + warranty FAQ for more details) and provides you with peace of mind knowing you system is covered by replacement. 

Warranty does not include acts of god (lightning strikes).

Warranty on Biztouch 2 and Biztouch 3

90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty comes with purchase of either BT2 or BT3. At the time of purchase you are given the option to extend this warranty to 1 year from purchase date for $30. Limited Manufacturer's Warranty covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover wear and tear, water damage, or acts of god. There is no return on technical services or warranties purchased. The return policy for all Bizfon equipment is 7 days from purchase date item must be shipped back to Bizfon (customer pays for shipping) as well as a 15% re-stocking fee (minimum charge $35). Equipment must be in the same condition as when it was shipped.

Core Refunds

If the core comes back in damaged condition, no refund will be given. Please make sure to package properly.

Does Bizfon offer service protection after the warranty period?

You may obtain service for your Bizfon phone system after the warranty has expired by calling our Customer Care Center, ext. 299 or (603) 870-4400 If do not have a current service plan there will be a charge for each call. Please call our BizCare customer service department for pricing to extend your warranty and service coverage.

5 year + Warranties

Warranties on the 680 system are $479 for years 2-5.  Years 5-7 the warranty cost is $599, and for any years 7+ $699.

Bizfon offers after the 5th year, the ability to trade in your system towards a new unit (Standard cost $1899) and get the new unit with 1 year warranty for $1499.  We will do a full backup of your system so that it will continue to be plug and play when the new system arrives.


All customer equipment returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  On all customer returns, the customer must pay for shipping the product back, as well as the previous shipping charges from when the order was originally shipped.

There is no return on technical services or warranties purchased. The return policy for all Bizfon equipment is 7 days from purchase date item must be shipped back to Bizfon (customer pays for shipping) as well as a 15% re-stocking fee (minimum charge $35). Equipment must be in the same condition as when it was shipped.

Who installs the system?

Most of our customers install their Bizfon 680 system themselves. We also provide a professional Technical assistance to customers who want to self install.

How much does professional installation cost and what does it include?

Professional installation service is available for a single switch (6x8), as well as multiple switch systems. For more information please call Bizfon Customer Service at (603) 870-4400 The installation includes: pre-installation assessment via telephone, all necessary parts to adapt your existing wiring and connections to the Bizfon system, installation of the Bizfon 680 to incoming lines and telephones/devices, setup and configuration, verification that the system is fully functional.

What types of phone jacks do I need?

RJ-11 jacks or RJ45 jacks. The Bizfon system is a modular system and ready to plug & play into your existing wiring.

Service and Maintenance
How do I get help if my system doesn't work? Do I have a local service representative?

Bizfon can service your system remotely while you have a BizCare Customer Service contract. This is one of the reasons we can keep our prices so low. If your system is not working correctly all you have to do is pick up your Bizfon and dial ext. 299 and you will be connected to our BizCare Customer Service department. So, you have direct access to a Customer Care Specialist simply by dialing 299 from any phone connected to your Bizfon system. The BizCare Customer Service Department can run diagnostics and attempt to fix your Bizfon unit(s), give you configuration assistance and suggestions to help you realize the full potential of your system, schedule routine backups of critical files and recordings at our secure site, overnight replacement of the Bizfon if needed, configure and test with saved back-up files and recordings. If you are unable to dial ext. 299 from the Bizfon system please call (603) 870-4400

How do you service the Bizfon System?

Dialing ext. 299 from any phone in the Bizfon system will connect you to a Customer Care Specialist who can dial into our phone system via a built-in modem and service your unit. If you are unable to dial ext. 299 from the Bizfon system please call (603) 870-4400.

What type of maintenance will I need to perform?

There is no regular maintenance that needs to be performed on your Bizfon phone system. However, we suggest that you do configuration you contact our BizCare service dept. for back-ups periodically in case of power failure, lightening etc. If you do not have a BizCare warranty there will be a fee for a system backup.

General Telephony
All calls are going directly to Operator voicemail on my Bizfon 680 system. What should I do?

The Operator extension is a virtual extension that only rings physical phones if the forwarding is in place. It is possible that the forwarding has been removed on your Operator extension. Start the settings menu by lifting the handset and pressing 7, press 0 when asked which extension you would like, press 1 for call forwarding, and listen to the prompts. If you only want 1 phone to ring, choose 1 and type in the extension number. If you would like all phones or a list of phones to ring, choose option 3.

Someone else is using this mailbox or system is too busy.

Reboot system (unplug power cord)

Forgot password for extension 200.

Dial 299 to have tech support dial in and remove ($95).

Calls are not coming in and none of my phones have dial tone on my Bizfon 680 system.

Check the outlet that the system is plugged into to verify that power is present. Reboot the system by unplugging the 680 from power for a few seconds, then plugging it back in. The system should boot up in approximately a few minutes. If, after 5 minutes or so, the system has not booted up and given the greeting "The Bizfon is ready", call Bizfon Customer Care at (603) 870-4400.

How do I forward my extension to my cell/home phone on my Bizfon 680 system? How do I forward my extension to my cell/home phone on my Bizfon 680 system?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Select # to enter information on your own extension
  3. Select # 1 to forward your calls and follow the prompts

I want to use my fax line to make outgoing calls when it's not in use by the fax machine on my Bizfon 680 system.

Connect your fax line to the next available blue port on the 680 Connect your fax machine to the next available yellow port on the 680 If the extension has been previously set up, reset the extension in General Settings Re-initialize the extension as a fax machine using the handset or speaker on the fax machine. If your fax does not have the phone option, plug in a BT2 or 2500 handset in to the jack to do the initial setup, being sure to choose fax when that option is offered. Then once the setup is complete, unplug the phone you used and plug the fax machine in to the jack.

How can I change my Biztouch 3 from a Call Mode to a Line Mode phone or vice versa?

To change the mode of your Biztouch 3, press and hold the mute button, then press Setup at the same time and release both. Use the up or down arrows until the screen shows Appearance. Press the button for the desired mode and press enter to save. Unplug the power and telephone cords, then plug them both back in and the phone will be in the new mode.

How do I put my Bizfon 680 system into After Hours Answering mode?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Press the 0 key
  3. Select option 6 to go from turn After Hours Answering Mode On on or Off

If someone leaves my company, how do I reset their extension for the new person on my Bizfon 680 system?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Select 200 for General Settings (password if required)
  3. Select # 1 to Manage Extensions
  4. Follow the prompts

How do I record my Auto Attendant greeting on a Bizfon 680 system?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Select 200 for General Settings (password if required)
  3. Select #2 to Change Auto Attendant Greetings and follow the prompts for day, after hours or informational messages

My callers are hearing the Auto Attendant greeting on my Bizfon 680 system. I want the phones to ring first.

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter
  2. Select 0 for Operator Settings (password if required)
  3. Select # 2 to Choose How the Attendant Works
  4. Select # 3 to ring the operator before playing the greeting

Extension 201 rings when a new call comes in on my Bizfon 680 system. How can I make more extensions ring?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Select 0 for Operator Settings (password if required)
  3. Select # 1 to Change Forwarding Settings
  4. Select # 3 to ring a list of extensions Select # 1 to ring all phones or enter a list

How do I turn Call Waiting off/on on my Bizfon 680 system?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Press the pound (#) key for your extension
  3. Select # 5
  4. Follow the prompts to turn Call Waiting on or off

How do I change the system time/date on my Bizfon 680 system?

  1. Enter "Settings" (press 7 or Setup and Enter)
  2. Dial 200 for General Settings
  3. Select option 4 for the System Clock
  4. Select option 1 to change the time
  5. Select option 2 to change the date

What are rollover lines/hunt groups, will I need them, where do I get them?

A hunt/rollover group means that calls to a single phone number will ring in one of several phone lines. For example, a telephone number 555-1212 could ring into a group of 10 lines. To use the Bizfon phone system you will need to have your phone lines arranged in a hunt/rollover group. To arrange the hunt/rollover group please call your local telephone company.

What is the difference between PBX and Key systems?

Key systems allow for the accessing of telephone lines by pressing a specific key (known as line appearance). PBX (Private Branch exchange) systems, because of the number of lines coming into the system, do not have direct line appearance. Usually the system is set up to dial a line access code such as 9 in order to make an outside call. The Bizfon phone system is a hybrid system. Depending on the type of phone(s) you are using the Bizfon can look like a Key (BT3 Line Appearance), PBX (BT3 Call Appearance and BT2) or a Hybrid (BT3 Line Appearance and BT2) system.

How do I determine the size telephone system I need?

Telephone systems have very defined capabilities. Systems are equipped to handle a specific number of lines and telephone units (extensions). It is important when planning a new system that future expansion needs are taken into account. Please note that you may also include employees who work remotely in the system through virtual extensions.